Potgut.com is for my hobby, education, entertainment purposes, and serves as the center of operations of all my online projects.

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August 25, 2009 by Al Hinojos

My laptop broke around March and I lost about half of my data. Along with my broken laptop I have been more focused and busy on other personal things and goals which have become bigger priorities so I haven't been able to work on any of my websites or internet plans since. My bigger fear out of this is that I will forget many skills (CSS and more web related) that I had recently learned right before I lost everything.

Oy titch


February 14, 2009 by Al Hinojos

Coming Soon

small stats

Ah! Nice! making some revenue. Yay!


My original goal (money wise) was to have my websites and domains pay for themselves for the year 2009 and now this goal has been accomplished already!

The bad news though, this revenue from this particular domain is going to be temporary and will soon die down because it evolves around some events going on at this time.

More stuff...

October 21th, 2008 by Al Hinojos

No Way!


In School right now.

The problem is that I have so many great ideas that I want to work on, so many things I want to do! but so little time =[

Whats going on... (update)

October 19th, 2008 by Al Hinojos

Potgut.com is somewhat currently under construction so please enjoy everything I don't have to offer so far.

OKay!, I'm planning on making mini niche sites based on my interests and stuff, coming soon!

Potgut.com is my own personal website that will also serve the center of operations for all my online projects.




Learning CSS and maybe php

September 28th, 2008 by Al Hinojos

I'm working on many online projects but because modern internet demands modern structures of web design like php and css I can't publish them yet. These are skills I lack and i don't know a lot about webdesign when it comes to the technical stuff so i'm currently learning some which unfortunately demands a lot of time. Right now I'm where the text is circled in the graph below...

My Comics

September 12th, 2008 by Al Hinojos

I found 3 comics I made eons ago and I still find them pretty damn funny. Check them out…

comic 1

comic 2

comic 3

I’ll make some more comics in the coming future.

Share the Road Bumper Stickers

September 10th, 2008 by Al Hinojos

A few weeks ago I decided to make some bumper stickers to mock the “Share the Road” bumper stickers, signs, and public movement going on these days. This was an idea I had in mind for a long time and used café press to get make them and get the idea off my back. Once I created them, I left them on café press not really giving a second thought about them except that I finally got this idea off my back.

So months later I had totally forgot about my bumper stickers until last week I came across the cafepress link on my bookmarks and came to find out I had actually sold two of them since. I thought it was pretty cool that other people came across them and actually bought some! Anyway these are the stickers I had created...



bumper 3

bumper 4